Our Vision

The purpose of the Islamic Society is to enhance the student experience of Muslims on campus, empowering students to embrace their identity and become positive, active and influential members of society.

The primary goal of the Islamic Society is to serve the needs of the LSBU Muslim community. The ISOC shall strive to establish and maintain the Friday (Juma’a) prayers throughout the year, prayers and celebrations for both Eids, and iftaar (fast-break) meals during Ramadan. Additionally, the ISOC shall make sure that there is a space on campus available for Muslim students to pray their daily prayers. Finally, the ISOC shall do its best to increase unity within the Muslim community on campus through social events like study breaks, discussions, and dinners.

The secondary goal of the ISOC is to serve the campus community. The ISOC shall strive to enrich the diversity of campus life by educating our peers about the religion of Islam through lectures, events, dialogues, and similar events. Additionally, the ISOC shall strive to create and participate in events that promote understanding and tolerance of the diverse traditions on campus.